Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Adoptive Parent on Match Party

This past Saturday, we hosted a Matching Event at Brunswick Lanes in New Jersey. There were thirty-five children and youth in attendance and almost all received at least one inquiry. Here’s just one piece of feedback we received from a prospective parent:

I would like to thank you and the dedicated staff that collaborated on the Match Party on Saturday for a very memorable experience and opportunity. The event was eye opening in so many ways. The children were beautiful, charming and funny. Those pictures on the website do no justice to their beauty. I was familiar with some of the children from the website and the profile book. I have been busy searching for our "sons" and it was funny seeing them in person. It could somehow be related to meeting celebrities. They came alive and became ever so real. Their personalities were amazing; they were open about their wish for a family; shared their goals and favorite foods and other things; and made us feel comfortable with their laughter and jokes. To be honest, I did not want it to end. We fell in love with so many of the children we encountered. My husband is now praying we hit the lottery, so we can build a bigger home to fill up with children.
This is why we do these events, to have a guided interaction between the youths and adults so they can relax, have fun and get to know each other. We know once these groups meet that some matches will be made that day and hopefully a good percentage of these matches will result in placements. We also know that we are making the prospect of meeting more families and being adopted a bit less scary for the youth. After all, this day wasn't so bad, right? The youth also see that there are people out there interested in adopting older children, a message they may not have gotten enough. For adoptive parents the road can be long and intrusive and by having actual youth in front of them they can re-energize to make it through the last parts of the process to make their adoption dream a reality.

Watch here for announcements about our next Matching Events, you only need to be a homestudied family who wishes to adopt to attend.

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