Friday, April 24, 2009

Race and Adoption

In this week's Newsweek there is an article entitled "Raising Katie." Click here to read the article. It describes an African American family who have adopted a Caucasian child.

The family is very open about the racism they experience when they are out with Katie. The family is open with wondering if raising a child from another race is the best thing for the child. They do try to provide here with elements of her culture, but realize that there is only so much they can do. In this case, it certainly seems that Katie found the best and most supportive home regardless of the race of those involved.

Transracial adoption issues seem to run on a cycle, sometimes the overall opinion is "get the best family regardless of race" and at other times it is "find the best same-race family." There are arguments on both sides. And the comments section of the Newsweek article certainly shows that many are still debating this issue. What do you think?

Friday, April 17, 2009

Match Party in the News!

This Wednesday the Philadelphia Inquirer published an article about our most recent Teen Match Party. To read the article, click here. The article not only covers the day's events, but also probes the reasons why those who were there participated.

One story which touched me was about a couple with a college-aged child who felt they wanted to help more children, but didn't want to change diapers. Adopting a teen is perfect for them, allowing them to contribute while not putting them through challenges they do not feel prepared to handle.

We also have a few match parties coming up, so look on our website for more information regarding those. They will be held in Pittsburgh and in the Delaware Valley region in the upcoming months.

Accompanying the story online is a poll regarding adoption. At this point in time, 67% state that they would be interested in adopting a teen or child. Another 7% would adopt a child. Remember we at the National Adoption Center are here for you. You can view our resources online: we offer information, via our online course and reference materials; support via our social network; and referrals, online or call us at: 1-800-TO-ADOPT.

Friday, April 3, 2009

New Adoption Community!

We here at the National Adoption Center are happy to announce that we have an online community. Go to here, or link from the Community tab on our main website. We invite all members of the adoption community -- professionals, birth & adoptive parents, potential parents, adult adoptees and all others to join our free online service.

First and foremost we want the community to be a safe and comfortable place for people to share their adoption stories. We seek to provide information, support and education for those involved in the adoption process.

We see this community as a place for conversations, with us and with the community at large. We hope ideas for new programs, or policies that we should support or problems that need to be resolved are brought to light through the community. So come join us! See you online!