Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wednesday's Child Spolight: Frank

Frank is a dynamic 20-year-old with a great personality and a firm vision for the future. His goal is to own his own body shop and is preparing for it by taking part in his school’s auto mechanics program. In the meantime, he keeps busy with a variety of activities. He is passionate about sports and likes to spend time watching basketball, baseball and football games on TV. He also loves playing sports and participates in the Special Olympics in basketball, volleyball, softball and track and field.

Frank recently had the amazing opportunity to visit with the Philadelphia 76ers.  He was able to stand on the court to watch them practice before the game.  Mascot Hip-Hop and the Hare Raisers presented him with a huge bag filled with lots of goodies, including a personalized jersey. They also took time to shoot a few hoops with him.  Frank was very excited!  On the court, he met with former players World B. Free and Eric Snow. He then stayed to watch the game.  He was voted “Fan of the Game” and enjoyed watching himself on the JumboTron. 

The day was definitely a success!  Wednesday’s Child host Vai Sikahema later sat with Frank to talk about family. Frank longs for a family to call his own.  He has several months before he “ages out” of the foster care system.  Mildly developmentally delayed, Frank is learning to become an adult.  He is doing a great job in learning about finances and money management.  A supportive, patient, and loving family would help Frank on the right track to a good future. 

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