Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mobile Giving & Receiving

Do you have a cell phone?  Is there anybody you know over the age of 18, ur no let’s make that, over the age of 16, who doesn’t have a cell phone?  Did you know that 2009 ended with 285,646,191 cell phone users, equal to 91% of the US population?!?  That’s a lot of people walking around chatting on the phone.

·Growth of text messaging in the US over 150 Billion messages per month
·US cell phone subscribers on average sent and received 357 text messages per month vs. 204 voice calls a month

OMG!  That’s a lot of texting!

The statistics tell the story – people are communicating and receiving news and information differently.  Most people, as we have established, have a cell phone.  It is that one constant that is always on you.  It is the most personal communication vehicle that most people are using.  For this reason, non-profit organizations and businesses are trying to figure what the most cost effective, efficient and impactful ways to communicate with their constituent base is.  Many believe that one of the ways to enhance your communication and public awareness is through mobile communication.

At the National Adoption Center we have engaged in a mobile strategy to manage, develop and nurture our customer and prospective donor relationships.  This direction makes sense when you hear stats like “mobile data traffic is expected to increase by a cumulative annual growth rate of over 100% over the next five years”. 

This is all new territory really.  Everybody is figuring this out through trial and error to a certain extent.  Haiti showed us that mobile giving is an effective way to ask for money when there is a sense of extreme urgency.  Of course it’s a bit easier when you can promote it through American Idol or when Bono is your spokesperson.  But small NGO’s don’t have that luxury.  So we join the other pioneers embarking on this great vast cellular expedition hoping to find gold!  LOL! 

So for now, I invite you to join our Adoption Mobile Alerts list by texting NAC to 27138.  Mobile alerts will be sent to your mobile phone no more than 4x a month with timely adoption information. (No hidden fees.  Msg and data rates may apply.) 


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