Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Before and After Adoption: Issues Families Face

Voice for Adoption, an advocacy group of nationwide adoption leaders, has placed two issues that impact adoptive families on their agenda for 2011; post-adoption services and inter-state placements. One issue affects families before they find a child to adopt and the other after an adoptive placement has occurred.

The National Adoption Center has known over its history that the needs of families don’t end when an adoption is finalized in the courts. Many families face challenges in parenting the children who have lived in foster care, moved numbers of times and experienced multiple losses in their lives. Parents who face challenges raising the children they have adopted realize that having information about adoption-sensitive therapists, attachment specialists and others who can support the newly-formed family are critical to the success of some adoptive placements.

Since the early days of the Internet, the Center has been active in making inter-state placements happen for families. It was our first website, FACES of Adoption, launched in 1995, that made the children in foster care in all fifty states visible to potential adoptive families across the country. We have always believed that barriers to placements across state lines should be minimized to allow more children to find the loving, permanent family they deserve, regardless of where the family resides.

The Center is pleased, as a member agency of Voice For Adoption, to support these agenda issues and will continue to advocate for families for increased post-adoption support services and the elimination of barriers to adoption across state and local jurisdictions. 

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