Friday, May 6, 2011

Match Parties - are you for or against?

The National Adoption Center plans and executes multiple Match Parties throughout the year. These parties are a signature recruitment vehicle for the Center and a truly wonderful opportunity for children & youth looking to be adopted to interact with prospective parents in a safe, secure and fun environment. Our success rate is often as high as forty percent.

Countless new “forever families” have been created thanks to our Match Parties, yet we sometimes receive pushback from folks who believe these events are exploitive to the children. What do you think?


Linda said...

I think they are incredibly damaging to children. Don't kid yourself- these children know they are on display. They should be banned.

I liken it to a knock off purse party. They can't have the real thing, so they'll choose one that looks "kinda" like the real thing. Except it's not.

Von said...

I think it's a repulsive idea, children know they're there to sell themselves...what about the ones who don't get picked? Not very caring and treating them like a product.

Alexandra B said...

Please see today's post which addresses some of the concerns you both raise about Match Parties.