Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A reaction to Orphan

Movies are not merely entertainment; they influence the way people think, feel, act and live their lives.

It is unfortunate that adoption which brings joy to countless families is so negatively portrayed in the film, Orphan. Even people in the entertainment field such as Madonna and Angelina Jolie who have been in the public eye because they have recently adopted children must be disturbed and disappointed at their own industry and the message that Orphan brings.

Since 1972, the National Adoption Center has helped find families for more than 21,000 children; what we hear from their adoptive parents is that their only regret is that they didn’t adopt sooner.

More than 130,000 children in this country live in foster care waiting for families to adopt them. We need movies that will enhance their chances of making that happen. Orphan has let them down…big time

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