Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Supporting Adoption by LGBT Parents

The National Adoption Center has always believed that families interested in adoption should not be discriminated against because of race, gender, disability or sexual orientation. Our 37 years of experience has taught us that all kinds of people can make wonderful parents. That’s why it is distressing to hear the unreasonable biases of critics of gay adoption who insist that lesbians or gay men cannot possibly raise children in a healthy way. All of us know of heterosexual families who do not make ideal parents. It is not the sexual orientation that matters. It is the love, caring and respect shown to children that determine how they feel about themselves, the confidence they have and ultimately how they will grow up.

One of the brightest, most alert and socially competent little girls we’ve ever met is being raised by lesbian parents. She is also extremely feminine, loves dresses and perfume and reads books about princesses. The concern that gay families will raise gay children is unfounded. After all, most lesbians and gay men were raised in heterosexual families. Adoption should be determined by the best interest of the child, and that means a home where he or she can experience unconditional love, be exposed to good values and be given an opportunity to develop her talents and skills with a prideful sense of accomplishment.

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