Wednesday, September 10, 2008

White House Conference for Children Bill

As an organization we have signed on in support of the Child Welfare League of America's effort to get a White House Conference on Children & Youth. Upon congressional approval, a conference would be held in 2010 at the White House re-establishing conferences that took place every ten years from 1910 to 1970. Typically there is one year of local, state and tribal events to gather input and momentum in advance of the conference. Participants would include state officials, court and legal representatives, providers, children, tribal representatives and other parties effected by or involved with the child welfare system.

Why are we supporting this conference? Because it covers solely child welfare
, it would focus attention on issues from prevention, intervention to permanency including reunification, kinship care and adoption. The timing of the event, early in a new presidency, should get the candidates to address child welfare issues in their campaigns and to have these topics on their agendas early in their terms.

What can you do?
First and foremost you can contact your Senators and Representatives in Congress and urge them to support this. Call 202/224-3121 to connect to Congress. Go to the CWLA's website for further information.

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