Monday, December 24, 2012

When Strangers Become Family

We share this with you as a wish for peace and love this holiday season.

When Strangers Become Family 

by: Michelle Johnson 
Development Intern

[Written in the voice of a child awaiting adoption and a 

husband longing for a child until their worlds collide] 

Who do I belong to? 

They gave me life and a name 

but no one to hold on to 

A life of inconsistency 

Nothing’s ever the same 

Could this be home? 

or only for today? 

I’ll dream forever 

if I wake to new scenery 

of a family 

embracing me with love 

and never leaving me 

Everything I’ve ever wanted 

as far as material things 

but still so incomplete 

I wanna feel the happiness 

that only a child brings 

Fill the hole in my heart 

Fulfillment to my life 

A reason to smile 

for me and my wife 

And then I met you 

Every thing I’ve ever needed 

My life anew 

My love will help you cope 

I know your past 

With you there is hope 

No more calamity 

Closer to world peace 

When strangers become family

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