Monday, May 10, 2010

That Time of Year

On Friday we bid farewell to two of our interns (the third was stuck in finals). We had a lovely lunch and shared many laughs. A couple of weeks back we shared the post of one of our interns, below is the second one, from Eryn.

Although I have only been with the National Adoption Center for about two months, I feel like I have learned enough to have been here for three years! It is amazing the time and energy that is put into every little detail that we do here. They have really taken me in and made me feel welcome to the “family”.

Personally, I have really taken a huge interest in the match parties. I don’t know whose genius idea it was to have families and foster children come together in a fun and relaxed atmosphere to get to know each other, but it was a FANTASTIC idea! So may of these children have lost all hope to finding a family and these parties instill a hope in them that they lost a long time ago! The people involved work hard so that the party is fun and effective for the children and the families that want to adopt!

I have been working hard on trying to find new ways to get the word out to people that we need help and donations to make these parties something to remember for the kids. It is a lot easier said than done! However, a few very generous people have helped us out so far and given us hope that more people will follow their lead. I know people want to do good things and it is up to us to find those people and give them a good reason to help us out!!

I have really taken this internship to heart and I have even started to consider staying in the adoption field and making a life out of it once I graduate from Villanova. I have truly experienced the pride in helping others since I have been here. Everyone at the National Adoption Center puts their hearts and souls into helping these kids and reaching out to the community!

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