Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Truancy & foster care

Last week, the Philadelphia Inquirer ran a story on the incidence of truancy amongst its public school population. According to the story, nearly 15,000 children (10% of total enrollment) are truant from school on any given day. It went on to note that up to one-third of these children were currently living in foster care. This is just one more reason to invest more resources into adoption. What do you think?

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Sally Smith, Art Teacher said...

If there is such a large percent of the truancy coming from foster care, I would think that more study should be put into "Why?" What is the root of the problem?
Truancy and Foster care is a broad topic - one that needs a lot of study to determine the heart of the problem.

Having said that, I also believe that more children need forever families. More TV stations need to have a time dedicated to those children that can be adopted. That time also needs to be when families are likely to be watching TV.

In our area we have one local station that has a Wednesday's child program but it runs during the noon news. If you are working and without access to a TV, you can view it later on their web site. However, some states don't even have that.