Friday, January 29, 2010

Wendy's Wonderful Kids Spolight

This month, I am adding a new child to my Wendy’s Wonderful Kids caseload. He will be the youngest child in my program by far; Camron is only 4 years old. Though he is so young, Camron has been waiting to find a Forever Family for over a year. Sadly, he is the victim of shaken baby syndrome. Because of this, Camron has many special medical needs, which have made it difficult to find the right family for this endearing little boy.

Camron is a happy child who greatly enjoys being the center of attention! One of his favorite activities is playing with others. Camron has limited vision and is unable to talk. However, he does speak his own language, especially when excited or happy in his surroundings. The most effective method of communication with him is through touch. Thus, Camron is happiest in water and outdoors. Vibrant and content, he is the most “chatty” when camping outside. At home, when not playing, Camron is normally quiet in his crib. Camron loves to snuggle and greatly enjoys attention. He loves interacting with others, especially when people gently "rough play" with him.

Camron is wheelchair bound and receives a lot of physical, occupational, and speech therapy. He also works with a deaf/blind teacher. He is starting to use touch cues to help him prepare for things being done to him (for example, hands together means he wants to play with a ball), though he is still limited in his sight tracking.

It will be hard work to find the right family for him, but his Delaware social worker and I have decided that this is the year to find Camron his home! We are ready to work hard to find his Forever Family. If you have experience with special needs children and are looking to adopt, you may be the right parent for him! I know the right family is out there for Camron; one who is ready to give him all of the love and attention he deserves.

For more information about Camron contact me, Amy Cressman, at 215-735-9988 ext. 31. You can also email me at

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