Friday, November 6, 2009

Adoption Fraud

Recently, a Long Island attorney promised a couple desperate for a baby that he could find an infant for them. The cost, he said, would be $65,000 which the couple handed over happily—a small price, they thought, for the baby they wanted so much.

Unfortunately, there was no baby, just a money-making scheme for the attorney.

We understand how logic and reason can become elusive when an infant seems close enough to touch. However, we caution would-be parents to be wary. It is best to deal with a licensed adoption agency, if possible.

If you are working with an attorney or other intermediary, ask questions. Where is this baby coming from? Who are the parents? Will or have both mother and father relinquished rights to the baby? What do the laws of the state in which the papers were signed say about a parent changing his or her mind? Have the birth parents been counseled so that they are making their decisions thoughtfully and will not change their mind? What is the baby’s health status? When can you see the baby? A trip to another state, if necessary, can save a lot of angst. And, most important, do not allow money to leave your hands until you have actually seen the baby.

Following these suggestions can help you avoid the heartache experienced by the couple for whom, it turned out, there was no baby.


Quick e=file said...

I too was the victim of adoption fraud involving money. However in my case money was given to the mother giving her motive to conveniently leave my name out of the process. my daughter Peyton was put up for adoption without my consent. I started a blog to help reunite with her.

Alexandra B said...

So sorry for your experience. Birth Father's rights are important. Where I used to work (a private agency) we were most happy when a father would come in for counseling too, not just to sign paperwork. Unfortunately that is not always the case, as you point out. Keep us posted on your progress.