Friday, August 14, 2009

Weekend Frustration

Not-so-happy Friday

As the weekend begins, I wonder if people’s minds turn from adoption, family, and relationships from Friday to Sunday. As an Adoption Coordinator, it is interesting to see the numbers inquiries about waiting children drop dramatically. Do we forget that there are kids who sit in foster care even on the weekend? Do we forget that someone has to do something? Because of the lack of interest in becoming adoptive parents during the summer months, it can sometimes be very lonely here. Where do people go? Do they take a break from caring?

While individuals drown themselves in their own activities, children in need wait and wait, and wait some more. I am deeply saddened that while life continues to go on for us, it also does for them. As a parent of two beautiful children, I look at them at night and wonder how life must be for those children who have never been tucked in, read a bed time story, praised, or even hugged. When will they get their turn? How dare we as citizens of the United States who have it so well compared to other countries allow OUR children to be subject to that neglect?

The National Adoption Center does child recruitment of all sorts, and at times, we feel it’s not nearly as much as what is needed and deserved for waiting children. For example the Center places weekly columns in the Philadelphia Inquirer and Philadelphia Tribune; features children on NBC 10 and the Wednesday’s Child website; has two Wendy’s Wonderful Kids recruiters (one for NJ and one for DE); and we also host at least two Match Parties a year where waiting children get to meet face-to-face with prospective adoptive families.

Not all families can adopt or are in the position to adopt at this time, we understand that and hope you help our children in some other way. For those persons who are able to adopt, we are asking, begging, and challenging you to step up. Adoption is free of charge if adopting from the foster care system. Subsidy and medical assistance are available to families to help support the adopted child.

The Adoption Center is open to ideas and recommendations of other ways we can get the word out about adoption….Please send your ideas and suggestions in to us!!

written by Sheina Martinez

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Susie said...

I have a strong desire to adopt a waiting child or children. I completed the process of becoming a Licensed Foster Parent and am certified for four children... thinking this might give me an advantage...NOT. It is so frustrating seeing all the children that need loving families in the media and on the web, but when I go to inquire about a child there are numerous families in line ahead of me...I know now why families spend $30,000-$50,000 for International Adoption. If I had the financial resources, I would go this route as well. I really question if there are that many adoptable children in Foster Care....Your comment on Caring is not in question here or even appropriate, especially when it comes to a child, but honesty, integrity and motive needs to be further examined and questioned.
I apologize for my negativeness and I truly hope there are fewer children waiting for families than is published. I now realize the process of adopting is very complicated and W-ends off are well deserved !!!!!!