Monday, November 17, 2008

Economic Crisis' Impact on Foster Care System Part 3

Despite the bleak outlook presented in the past two blogs, there is a wealth of assistance available to current and prospective foster parents. Foster children need loving families more than ever. The more informed you are about the benefits available, the more realistically you can decide if and when adoption is an option. Below are some of the options available in helping to make the decision to adopt an easier one:
  • Many employers offer benefits including paid or unpaid leave and reimbursement of adoption-related expenses.
  • By filling out Form 8839 you are eligible for a tax credit worth $10,960.
  • If your child qualifies, they may be eligible for reimbursements under Title IV-E.
  • In certain states, adopted children receive partial or full college tuition.
Agencies like the National Adoption Center exist to provide information on programs and incentives that improve the conditions of foster children. Talk to your social worker to see what credits and reimbursements you are eligible for. Once you’ve gotten all of the necessary information, adopting a child at such a difficult economic time might not seem so improbable.

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