Friday, October 17, 2008

Foster Family to Forever Family

You’re a foster parent and you’re considering making the commitment to adopt. You wonder, “Is this step right for me, my family and my foster child?”

To help you make an informed decision, the National Adoption Center has created a friendly, interactive online course, Foster Family to Adoptive Family, designed by adoption professionals, that provides in one convenient location everything you need to know to guide you in making this life-changing choice.

In addition to foster parents who want to adopt their foster child or children, the course is helpful for prospective adoptive parents, adoption agencies and social workers, and anyone working with adoptive families and their children.

Topics include the benefits for children, families and society of adopting your foster child; understanding what your state permits, the importance of a support system; the seven steps of the adoption process, getting the help you need to guide you and your child in making the transition from foster to adopt, and discussing adoption with your social worker. There is also an extensive glossary, a list of adoption-related websites, and a section on famous people whose lives were touched by adoption.

Cost of the course is $35. To access it, go to our main website:

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